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Alfalfa Information

For expert opinions and knowledge on alfalfa production and managment, click here for America's Alfalfa University.

Alfalfa Varieties - Call for Pricing

                                                    Fall Dormancy       Winterhardy

AMERISTAND 455TQ RR                 4.4                         2.0            Download 455TQ RR Tech Sheet

-  Very high-yielding elite Roundup Ready variety for the grower demanding top tonnage and quality. Fast recovery after cutting.  

AMERISTAND 427TQ                       4.3                         1.8            Download 427TQ Tech Sheet

- Our top producing alfalfa, trial topping forage yield, selected for superior forage quality. 4-5 cuttings per season.

AMERISTAND 419LH                       4.0                         2.0            Download 419LH Tech Sheet

- Potato Leaf Hopper resistantant variiety with top yield and quality.  Excellent disease ratings. Solid performance in Non-Spray University yield trials.

EBBERTS Wetland                           3.8                         1.6            Download Wetland Tech Sheet

- Wetland is a branch-rooted type variety genetically designed to keep more of the root system above the water table and more secure in the ground during freezing and thawing. Premium variety with excellent tonnage forage quality. 

EBBERTS Vernal                              2.0                          1.7

Fall Dormancy: 1 = Most Dormant, 9 = Least Dormant

Winterhardiness: 1 = Most Hardy, 6 = Least Hardy